A Ruthless Weekend

Some weekends are shit-shows. This weekend was just that

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Things Such As These

Throwing crystal buggers to deep cuts

This past Summer, my brother and I hit the Rappahannock one last time before I relocated. Grad school called, I answered, and a move was imminent. So, we threw a canoe in the back of the truck, grabbed a few fly rods, loaded the cooler with ice cold goodies, and proceeded to float. The water was slightly cooler than the air. The sun broke through the clouds more often than not. Also, I don’t remember it being crazy hot, which means it wasn’t (based on the, you only remember the outliers, school of thought). Continue reading

Trow, Beasley, and Walt Cary – Trout Unlimited 2016 Rapidan Chapter Annual Fishing Show 2/20/2016

Muchas gracias a mi primo, Stevie, who informed me of this event. These shows are strange. You never know if it’s going to consist solely of old men and the smell of moth balls (which for the most part, described this place to a T). However, due to the awesome lineup of speakers, a few of the younger than 50 crowd attended. This, in no way implies that I possess a hatred for the geriatric community. I simply enjoy hanging out with folks my age from time-to-time.

We sat in on Colby Trow, Beau Beasley, and Walt Cary. Lunch took place while Dusty Wissmath presented.

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