Mermaid Poetry

Sonnets, rhymes, lyrics, and, even the occasional haiku. Mermaid Poetry is the stuff that makes Homer, Shakespeare, and Jeff Daniels swell with jealousy.

The featured piece isn’t a sonnet, rhyme, lyric, or haiku. It’s a poem that doesn’t quite fit the mold. Then again, a fly fishing mermaid isn’t exactly synonymous with traditional.

Without further adieu, I give you Caddisfly by The James River Mermaid

I am a caddisfly

Fish eat me

Sometimes I float; sometimes I don’t

I am not a mayfly; I am not a stonefly

Some people think I’m simplistic and lack sophistication

To that I say, I’m a fucking caddisfly; simple and proud

I try not to let fish eat me; I am often unsuccessful 

I am a caddisfly

Some try to impersonate me

To that I say, why?

Fish eat me

It’s flattering to have an impostor

Flattering in a psycho-sadistic way

Word on the street is these pseudo-caddises are commonly dressed in green, olive, and tan

To that I say, I’m all-natural, baby; nothing fake here!

Last time I dyed by hair was junior high!

I am a caddisfly

Fish eat me

Inspired by David Grossman’s Trout South. Check it out on page 136 in S.C.O.F.’s Issue No. 26, Winter 2018