The Florida Keys: Wild and Wonderful!

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The Drive – OBX Bound

The Outer Banks (OBX) of North Carolina. Before last week, I would have thought someone crazy for evening associating the OBX and “nice fly fishing destination”. And I kind of still do. However, just because a place isn’t the best, or even better than most, doesn’t mean it ain’t good. My recent adventure to this Eastern Shore family vacation hub provided plenty of good fly fishing.

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Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival

The  best alternative to actually hitting the water? Doing fly fishing related activities! Honestly, you can’t beat throwing flies to your subsurface species of choice. However, in order to become the not as accomplished as we might think anglers, we must learn from others. The Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival provides the opportunity to hear from some of the industries best, to converse with the shop owners, see new products, and pick up all the much needed swag.

Give me some of that!

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Colorado 1/28-2/2/2016

This trip came about through a rather long sequence of events. After finishing up undergrad I took an internship in D.C. with a startup consulting firm. I soon realized, this line of work felt more like torture (I do not use this term lightly) rather than a career path. So, I made a crazy decision. I stopped working there and found a career path that I liked.

What do I like? Getting wasted with friends, playing sports, and my super-hot girlfriend. Unfortunately, drinking -at least, in excessive amounts – is terrible for you, I’m not good enough at sports to get paid to play, and hot girlfriends don’t like washed-up alcoholics…Life’s tough, man!

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Charleston and Folly Beach, SC 8/21-28/2015

The idea for this trip began in the Spring time. We originally thought about a Fall trout trip to West Virginia with the banjos and all. JB quickly replaced this idea with, “let’s go for something a little different”. The other members of the group liked the sound of the trout venture better than the yet-to-be-made-known trip elsewhere. Soon however, all doubts rested in a quiet, calm, place somewhere far beyond conscious thought. JB brought to our attention the late summer redfish action on the South East coast. Specifically, the area around the first shot of the civil war city, Charleston, South Carolina. We collectively came to an agreement: to Charleston! So, now you know the background.

Washout Wheat, from Holy City Brewing. This number specifically refers to the bachelorette party destination of Folly Beach

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Dallas 07/10-13/2015

About a year ago a very close friend of mine left Virginia for pastures anew in Dallas, Texas.  His girlfriend took a position with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and he felt inclined to join her in moving out there. Ever since then I figured I stumbled upon a nice excuse to head out West. Having never travelled to this part of the great U.S. of A. I thought why not, and began planning for the vacation with another close friend. In fact the three of us roomed together freshman year of college. Therefore, we know each other well and get along better than most.

Stretchin’ session in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport.

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Tennessee: Smoky Mountains Fishing and Knoxville Wedding 06/12-15/2014

The past few weeks came and went in a flash.  The Combination of constant travel, lack of sleep, and high levels of fun barely allowed time for breathing.  Trips to Florida, Tennessee, Connecticut, the World Cup, lots of fly fishing, studying for my GRE next month, and trying to get enough rest to make it through the following day seem to really take their toll.  Not that my life appears to slow down now, I simply have a slow day at work.  So, blogging resumes.

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