One Trick Pony

Definition of the phrase, One trick pony: “a person or thing with only one special feature, talent, or area of expertise.” My reaction? Shit, is that me? Of course it isn’t me. I don’t have a special feature, nor do I possess anything close to an area of expertise. I’m more like a “person or thing with only a few sometimes successful features, talents, or areas of novice”

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That’s a Rapp

I finished up the Spring semester down in Norfolk, then dedicated a few great days to camping/hiking with my girlfriend. The last stop before making my journey down south to Houston, TX? The Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg, VA.

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Fish Gods and Locals

Day three of Oregon steelhead fishing was upon us. Day one and day two came and went without a single fish. If someone were to describe us, they could do so with the following, Bram and JB, Those Poor Fishless Bastards. Yes, we were starting to get antsy.

Now, its fine and dandy to spend a day or two on the water without a fish. However, empty-handed days were starting to become the norm. That norm sucks. Fish are fun. They’re pretty to look at. They make me smile, and laugh, and feel good about myself. Yes, sometimes fish even make me feel good about the world. Hell, I’m not afraid to say it; I love fish. Love ’em! Therefore, missing out on them every fucking time is a total bummer. Continue reading

Searching for Shad – Take 5

Two years ago I moved. Before I moved, I lived about three minutes from arguably one of the best wading spots for shad and striper on the East Coast. The Rappahanock River fall line. I wrote about the Spring shad run here, and here, and here, and here, and the striper run here. However, I never got around to writing up a 5th post… Shame. So, here’s a low-quality photo dump telling all about it. Continue reading

WEEKLY PRESS – Fly Photography 101 by Fly Fish Food

This time around on the Mermaid Weekly Press: Fly Fish Food’s Fly Photography 101

I was stoked when I read that Fly Fish Food had this vlog post in the works. Shout out to TFM for the release notification.

The video is almost half and hour in length, but well worth the watch. I recommend watching it at least 2x through. Short on time? No fear. Here are some stamps to help you navigate.

00:00 – Video Starts

07:15 – Backgrounds & Surfaces

09:30 – Composition

11:00 – Nerdy Settings

15:20 – Common Pitfalls

19:40 – Comparing Images

22:05 – Video Considerations

24:35 – Budget Setup

27:09 – Video Ends

Common pitfalls: I feel these are worth pointing out. 1) Get close and/or crop! Makes it hard to see the details if you don’t and most people don’t. 2) Throw more light on it! It’s cheap. It’s easy. Hit up the local thrift store with five bucks. Lots of people don’t do this! 3) Fly is in the frame but the focus is in the background! Use focus features on the camera and get that sucker crystal clear. 4) If the eye of the hook is in focus, then peaches and cream.

Number 4 is something I hear applies to fish photos; get the eye in focus.

My personal notes: Keep still, use a tripod. Aperture priority at F22 – F5ish. Short on light? Might need to open up the aperture a little more. Problem is you’re so close (with a macro lens) if you’re open at f2.8 (which is the biggest his lens gets), your focal plane will be so shallow that only a small section of your fly is going to be in focus. Want a low ISO and shut down your aperture with lots of light, but shudder might have to stay open for a couple seconds (where the tripod comes into play).

Check out the full Fly Fish Food post with their notes here

South Valley Musky

Some things are either black or white. You either catch fish or you don’t. In honor of this rare simplicity, all the photos in this post are black and white.

Chronological thoughts from the morning of December 19, 2017:

3:30 AM – Waking up 3+ hours ahead of the norm sucks. Sleeping in sounds great. Have to get up. Must be on time. 3 hour car rides suck. Thank god I packed last night.

5:00 AM – 711 breakfast food = just take my money, give me the doughnuts, and no one gets hurt. Man, it’s toasty warm in here.

5:30 AM – Dark carpool lots are a little sketchy. There’s my bro. Glad he arrived before the killer.

5:32 AM – How in the hell does he blast Bad Religion, NoFX, and Cher Lloyd this early in the morning? Where did I put those doughnuts?

6:00 AM – Shit, I think I left my gloves at the gas station. Hopefully, they’re still around when I swing back through… 15 hours from now.

6:45 AM – What time is it? Time to fish!

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