MERMAIDS AT THE VISE – DiSalvo takes on the Sex Dungeon

What did the mermaids tie up tonight? The chartreuse, deer hair, Sex Dungeon

MERMAIDS AT THE VISE is proud to feature Gregg DiSalvo, a mermaid from D.C. spreading knowledge about the sex dungeon. Sorry for the title, Gregg. It was too easy. Gregg and I knew each other in undergrad. We reconnected through fly fishing. Over the past two years, we’ve interacted way more than we did during our four years of school. Fly fishing, like most off-the-wall, niche hobbies, tends to bring people together when no other plausible reason would…which is cool.

Now, before we get into it, the words sex dungeon, and tying, and vise may rub some people the wrong way. I assure you, this blog is P.C. (usually). While these words may entice the imagination of some to read on in high hopes of fantasy-based visual masterpieces, only fly tying lovers will experience any form of eroticism here. Which, come to think of it, is just downright gross.

Now, let’s here from Gregg. Continue reading