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Government Island and Crow’s Nest Natural Area Preserve 2/29/2016

Government Island:

Another nice February day and off work early.  So, I had to explore! Additionally, I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to land a crappie on the fly. So, Dan Dutton of River Rock Outfitters recommended I check out the area around Government Island on Aquia Creek. Due to the amount of side cover from downed trees and bush, this creek is a pretty solid location for crappie, it at least that’s what my research suggested.

Panorama of the old quarry. You can run, jump, sit, play, etc… on the rocks. Would be a great spot to take the kids…I don’t have kids.

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Hazel Country Hike 2/28/2016

Quick post here on a weekend hike. The lady friend and I decided to take advantage of the very nice, and rather unusually warm February weather. We tried a new hike. Hikes are fun, and tons of trails exist, but just like anything else, you tend to stick with what you know. This time we ventured off the beaten path (metaphorically speaking, of course) and tried a trail in the Hazel Country portion of Shenandoah National Park. To keep it simple, stupid, I’ll comment on the photos in a chronological order.


Park boundary moved a little since the last time I checked. New map edition seems needed. Make that money Mr. Park!

If you go through the trouble of chopping up the wood, why not remove the sign and place it on a standing arbor? This rested right beside the trail head, and I can only imagine, this sign won’t serve it’s purpose for much longer. That sucks, man. It’s frustrating when things can no longer serve their purpose because someone or something won’t help them out. Now, that I come to think of it, I didn’t try to remove or replace the boundary sign either. I’m no better. I’m no better… Continue reading

Family Time on the Thorton and Rapidan 06/14-15/2015

With my sister and her family visiting from Florida, I took some time off work to fish with my two nieces – ages 13 and 12 – and then again with my brother-in-law and nephew – age 8. With my nieces we spin cast for smallies, red eye, chubs, and bluegill. We fished a section of the Thorton River, East of Sperryville, Virginia. My Cousin lives right on the river which allows for easy access as well as parking, which, are two things ones finds quite difficult on most small stream and rivers outside of Shenandoah National Park. In addition my brother, girlfriend, and nieces friends from Florida fished as well. I wouldn’t call my nieces excellent fisherwomen as of this time, so I left my rod by the streamside and as we waded up the river I helped with the tangled lines, unhooking the fishies, and showing the girls how to make a friendly release.

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Big Run Overnighter 05/08-09/2015

The seed implantation for this trip took place when I read through the Stream section of Harry Murray’s, Trout Fishing in the Shenandoah National Park. My brother worked as a SNP Ranger and stumbled upon a copy of this trout fishing bible while stationed at one of the campgrounds. Having grabbed the book from him and thoroughly read through it multiple times I found, not only the name, and distance from easy access appealing about Big Run, but also the fact that it holds many trout, and mucho large brookies at that.

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Tennessee: Smoky Mountains Fishing and Knoxville Wedding 06/12-15/2014

The past few weeks came and went in a flash.  The Combination of constant travel, lack of sleep, and high levels of fun barely allowed time for breathing.  Trips to Florida, Tennessee, Connecticut, the World Cup, lots of fly fishing, studying for my GRE next month, and trying to get enough rest to make it through the following day seem to really take their toll.  Not that my life appears to slow down now, I simply have a slow day at work.  So, blogging resumes.

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