Getting into Photos

This time around on the Weekly Press: Getting into Photos

Getting into photography reminds me a lot of getting into fly fishing…in the following way: This shit is overwhelming.

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Rod Building

This time around on the Weekly Press: Rod Building

Watching these how to build your own fly rod videos has taken up more time than I’d like to admit. Thanks to Proof Fly Fishing for making them and The Fiberglass Manifesto for spreading to good word.

Inevitably, the more time I spend watching them, the closer I get to making a purchase. Thus, taking on yet another fly fishing-related task I will struggle to make time for. It’s Winter, and I’ll need something to do. I’ll need something to do on all those cold, dark, Winter-y nights. Seems like a good justification.

We will see how long I can hold off from purchasing. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals right around the corner, I may just have to give in…

Things Such As These

Throwing crystal buggers to deep cuts

This past Summer, my brother and I hit the Rappahannock one last time before I relocated. Grad school called, I answered, and a move was imminent. So, we threw a canoe in the back of the truck, grabbed a few fly rods, loaded the cooler with ice cold goodies, and proceeded to float. The water was slightly cooler than the air. The sun broke through the clouds more often than not. Also, I don’t remember it being crazy hot, which means it wasn’t (based on the, you only remember the outliers, school of thought). Continue reading

The Drive – OBX Bound

The Outer Banks (OBX) of North Carolina. Before last week, I would have thought someone crazy for evening associating the OBX and “nice fly fishing destination”. And I kind of still do. However, just because a place isn’t the best, or even better than most, doesn’t mean it ain’t good. My recent adventure to this Eastern Shore family vacation hub provided plenty of good fly fishing.

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