MERMAIDS AT THE VISE – Baby Smallmouth Clouser Minnow

What did the mermaids tie up tonight? The Baby Smallie Clouser Minnow

The mood setter?  She’s Drunk All the Time, by Tim Timebomb

I learned about this one from Bob Clouser (Minnow) himself. The man knows a thing or two.  He has to with a namesake fly. By golly, Bob even has a rod named after him. Check out his site, here.

Videos exist all over the internet on how to tie the Clouser Minnow and I’m sure I don’t do it justice. So, I’ll spare you from watching this mermaid monotonously tie a Clouser while stumbling for the right words, pricking my fucking fingers on the hook, and dropping the bobbin several times.

Per Bob, “these work well in lakes and rivers” which, are two of the most common places you’ll find smallies. Other common places for smallies? Lakes and rivers… That’s all I’ve got.

Another variation would be to tie this little temptress on a bend-back hook. The bend-back might avoid hang ups when fishing near downed trees and other submerged structures. Hell, why not throw it on a 60 degree jig head and bounce it right along a sandy bottom? The possibilities are endless, folks.

I added the flash in between the green and red strands of buck tail

If you want to hear more about this mermaid’s interaction with Bob, read this.

Below is a not-so-high-quality clip (from a video editing stand point) showing Bob tie one up. I thinks it’s worth a watch.


WEEKLY PRESS – Back Bay short film by Flymen Fishing Company

This time around on the Weekly Press: Back Bay, a short film by Flymen Fishing Co.

Cory Routh, of Ruthless Outdoor Adventures and Flymen Fishing Co. did excellent with this little number. Every time I speak with Cory, he mentions Back Bay. I think he likes it.

Protecting Your Home Waters Starts With You!

I reside a short drive from Back Bay. Any guesses where you’ll find this little mermaid once the bass start hitting top water?

Source: Back Bay short film – Flymen Fishing Company


This time around on the Weekly Press: How To Make A Roll Cast – RIO Products

Over the past several months, RIO’s how-to videos have shown me some quick pointers and tips that, hopefully, will lead to carryover when I hit the water. I like them. You’ll like them too. It’s back to the basics!

I know, I know. The roll cast is basic, but remember, you cannot become an expert – or, come to think of it, even a novice – without mastering the basics.

Source: How To Make A Roll Cast – RIO Products

In summary, when it comes to the roll casts, think of the following:

  1. Get your D right
  2. Translation then rotation
  3. Train tracks

If you remember these three things, maybe, just maybe, when you struggle to roll cast more than 5 feet (trust me, I’ve been there), you can troubleshoot your cast in no time, and start unwinding ’em like a champ. God speed, good friends.


I was lucky enough to get on the water several times last Fall. With school, it’s hit or miss as to if I’ll be able to do that. It worked, out and on more than one occasion I put a few bends in the rod.

Warm temps made cracking one open a hard thing to pass up

I was also lucky enough to have a good friend/classmate who let me spend some time on her boat. She’s a local and shared a few special spots. I’m incredibly grateful to her. Additionally, I spent a few hours out on the kayak and at other times, drifted the tides on an inflatable SUP (it worked surprisingly well).

This Fall, Va Beach and it’s surroundings provided some solid speck fishing. Around these parts, sinking lines, and clousers worked pretty well for me. I’m sure they’re other approaches, but my simple, one-track mind played sinking line and clousers over and over again. At times you could entice the specks to a tasty looking pseudo-snack every cast. Other times it was a little slower, but the skunked count presented itself less often than usual.

Of the many rivers, creeks, and streams I fished, Wolfsnare for sure took top honors for coolest name. It also produced well, but more importantly, it sounds cool. What is a Wolfsnare? It’s a plantation house. Yeah, but what is a Wolfsnare? I don’t fucking know. The basic Google search didn’t give me much. Besides the plantation, which takes us back to a different time with different beliefs and different values – some of which I certainly don’t support – Wolfsnare is a cool sounding word none-the-less.

Past that digression, the reds alluded me this Fall. Like most anyone who fishes, I like red fish. I like to catch them. I like to dream about them. I like to look at them. One reason why I like them so much probably has to do with how often they don’t bite my damn fly. They’re pretty too. Hence, the looking.


Lots of folks fished the same waters, around the same time, and landed quite a  few of them. I’m happy for them. Real happy. Fuckers. Hopefully next Fall will be different. There’s always hope.

Even though I was redless, the Fall fishing was great. I explored a lot of new areas. I spent time on the water with some great folks. Death by drowning, snake bite, hook to the jugular veins, or overdosing on sunscreen all stayed far away from me and my company. A successful season on tidal waters? Hell, yeah!

Anti-sun? No. Anti-skin cancer? Yes.

WEEKLY PRESS – Oregon Steelhead: Getting There

This time around on the Weekly Press: Oregon Steelhead

Currently writing this post from a very soft, and not in a good way hotel bed in Eugene, Oregon.  It feels as if my sacrum may actually be rubbing against the bed springs. But, hey man, it’s warm in here. There’s running, hot water. And, I’m one night’s sleep away from the hitting the water. Life’s great.

By the time anyone reads this in the morning, I’ll but up tying some last-minute leaders and then it’s off in search of Winter steelhead on some river southeast of here.

One drawback of an evening flight – in addition to being pretty tired – is you don’t get any of the landscape scenes on either the plane or while driving. Oregon is beautiful… I think. I’ll find out soon enough.

This should be an epic time.

PS: The background photo above is from earlier today at the airport bar. Airport bars are a nice place when you get to your gate with an hour or two to kill. Sometimes, it’s nice to relax and be lazy.

WEEKLY PRESS – Musky and Photos

This time around on the Weekly Press: Musky and Photos

Writing from a cozy coffee shop in my parents’ hometown

Recently I purchased a new camera. I wrote about it here. I also recently mentioned a musky trip, I think. Currently, I’m compiling photos from said trip taken on said camera. Following edits, I’ll post them.

Southern Culture on the Fly

A few thoughts about the camera and musky trip. The photos are great. I don’t know what I’m doing. The video quality is amazing. I feel like I know what I’m doing because these videos look awesome. Musky are huge. Southwest VA is cold as balls before sunrise in the winter (no shit). My fingers freeze quicker than any other part of my body. Casting an 11 wt rod is tough. Casting an 11 wt rod with an 11 inch fly is tougher. Casting and 11 wt rod with an 11 inch fly for 11 hours straight is both rewarding and downright fucking painful.

One articulation, two articulations, three…

Stay tuned for more photos and a full write-up.

Oh yeah, Merry X-mas!

WEEKLY PRESS – Sony a6000

This time around on the Weekly Press: Sony a6000

Cyber Monday happened. And so did this.

To say I’m excited about using this little puppy is an understatement. As I said in a previous Weekly Press, lots of learning must take place. I even purchased a how-to manual. Time to read and practice, practice, practice. Deliberate practice. I think it safe to say that reaching the 10,000 hours, expert level probably won’t happen. Hopefully, I’ll settle into the, “I sometimes feel like I know what I’m doing” stage here pretty soon.

I’m hitting the water in the next couple days and cant wait to snap off a few…hundred.

I’ll throw some shots up in a future Weekly Press

WEEKLY PRESS – Rod Building

This time around on the Weekly Press: Rod Building

Watching these how to build your own fly rod videos has taken up more time than I’d like to admit. Thanks to Proof Fly Fishing for making them and The Fiberglass Manifesto for spreading to good word.

Inevitably, the more time I spend watching them, the closer I get to making a purchase. Thus, taking on yet another fly fishing-related task I will struggle to make time for. It’s Winter, and I’ll need something to do. I’ll need something to do on all those cold, dark, Winter-y nights. Seems like a good justification.

We will see how long I can hold off from purchasing. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals right around the corner, I may just have to give in…