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Four times a year, something happens. Something magical. Something that brings joy to all who partake. That something? SCOF

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That’s a Rapp

I finished up the Spring semester down in Norfolk, then dedicated a few great days to camping/hiking with my girlfriend. The last stop before making my journey down south to Houston, TX? The Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg, VA.

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WEEKLY PRESS – Fly Tying Video

This time around on the Weekly Press: A Fly Tying Video

School is kicking my ass. Hence, the lack of recent posts.

I made this video a couple weeks ago and threw it into a Mermaids at the Vise post. Here it is as the centerfold. Enjoy.

If all goes as planned, the future will hold many more Mermaids at the Vise fly tying videos. After receiving feedback from friends with minimal-to-no video editing experience, here are some of the main comments:

  • Get closer so you can actually see the damn fly
  • For god’s sake, have a solid background
  • Lose the music and add talking points
  • Add scantly clad women, heavy cleavage, nudity, or a combination of the three…

Admittedly, some of these may find their way into future videos.

WEEKLY PRESS – How to Catch and Release a Fish | PartSelect.com

TFM posted one of these Part Select infographs  on Choosing the Right Fly Fishing Outfit.

Catch and release is important too.

From PartSelect:

Catch and release fishing is all about fighting the fish quickly, and releasing it carefully. Follow these guidelines to make sure your catch swims away at the end of the day.

Head over to Part Select to get the full post, and others.

Source: How to Catch and Release a Fish | PartSelect.com

Sewer Bass Podcasts

Carp on the brain? Me too.

Unlike most Americans, this mermaid spends very little time in a vehicle. Usually, when I do, it’s for the long haul. Podcasts make these hour-plus ventures fly by like clockwork. On a recent trip I lined up a few carp podcasts. I like carp…I think. I’ve yet to catch one, as I wrote about here. True be told, I don’t put a lot of effort into them. I should. They seem fun.

After listening to several hours’ worth of carp-related material, I picked up a thing or two. Here is what stuck; some random thoughts included:

S01E106 | Carp Cast | Everything You Need To Know About Common Carp

Rob did a lot of research. There is some random information here. By some, I mean a lot. If you have time to waste and don’t mind day dreaming on tangents before snapping back into a podcast, then this one’s for you. Red midges!

The DrakeCast Episode #25 – Horseshoes & Carp Grenades

Carp are cool, somehow related to bluegrass, and you can find more than one carp-on-the-fly tournament. Check out the Midwest Golden Bones Fly Tournament. The stickers on that flybox are priceless. They mention some great synonyms for carp, the title of this post included.

Kirk Deeter’s Top Ten Tips for Carp

Tom’s smart. Listen to Tom. Kirk’s smart too. He wrote a book on carp. Check it out, here. I haven’t read it. Hopefully, one day soon.  Casting to carp? Think baseball caps. Carp hear well. So, be quiet! Orvis has quite a few podcasts on carp. I delved into this one. You should check out the rest of ’em.

Images and links from Fly Fishing Consultant, The Drake, and Orvis

WEEKLY PRESS – DIY Fly Line Loop | Gink and Gasoline Fly Fishing Blog

This time around on the Weekly Press:  DIY Fly Line Loop, by G&G

Gink and Gasoline breaks it down step-by-step and better than I could. So, I won’t get into that here. Why do it? They explain that too. However, they left out one important part; it looks cool. Be forewarned, this isn’t the easiest task in the world. Take your time. Don’t be afraid to unwrap a couple of times or start over. Try it a few times in the comfort of your own home before you attempt this one while out on the water with wind, glare, cold fingers, etc…

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Fish Gods and Locals

Day three of Oregon steelhead fishing was upon us. Day one and day two came and went without a single fish. If someone were to describe us, they could do so with the following, Bram and JB, Those Poor Fishless Bastards. Yes, we were starting to get antsy.

Now, its fine and dandy to spend a day or two on the water without a fish. However, empty-handed days were starting to become the norm. That norm sucks. Fish are fun. They’re pretty to look at. They make me smile, and laugh, and feel good about myself. Yes, sometimes fish even make me feel good about the world. Hell, I’m not afraid to say it; I love fish. Love ’em! Therefore, missing out on them every fucking time is a total bummer. Continue reading

WEEKLY PRESS – Fly Slaps | Fly Fishing Stickers and Decals

Stumbled upon this the other day. Recently purchase a cooler, boat, or lunchbox? Want to deck out an oldie but goodie? Start the process at Fly Slaps.

FLY FISHING STICKERS! Fly Slaps is the source for fly fishing stickers and decals! Get a fly fishing sticker or decal for every situation. Stickers from all of the top fly fishing companies! Including Simms, Scott, The Drake Magazine, RIO, Sage, Temple Fork, Fishpond, Hatch, Howler Brothers, Fly Fishing Artists… more

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