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Carp on the brain? Me too.

Unlike most Americans, this mermaid spends very little time in a vehicle. Usually, when I do, it’s for the long haul. Podcasts make these hour-plus ventures fly by like clockwork. On a recent trip I lined up a few carp podcasts. I like carp…I think. I’ve yet to catch one, as I wrote about here. True be told, I don’t put a lot of effort into them. I should. They seem fun.

After listening to several hours’ worth of carp-related material, I picked up a thing or two. Here is what stuck; some random thoughts included:

S01E106 | Carp Cast | Everything You Need To Know About Common Carp

Rob did a lot of research. There is some random information here. By some, I mean a lot. If you have time to waste and don’t mind day dreaming on tangents before snapping back into a podcast, then this one’s for you. Red midges!

The DrakeCast Episode #25 – Horseshoes & Carp Grenades

Carp are cool, somehow related to bluegrass, and you can find more than one carp-on-the-fly tournament. Check out the Midwest Golden Bones Fly Tournament. The stickers on that flybox are priceless. They mention some great synonyms for carp, the title of this post included.

Kirk Deeter’s Top Ten Tips for Carp

Tom’s smart. Listen to Tom. Kirk’s smart too. He wrote a book on carp. Check it out, here. I haven’t read it. Hopefully, one day soon.  Casting to carp? Think baseball caps. Carp hear well. So, be quiet! Orvis has quite a few podcasts on carp. I delved into this one. You should check out the rest of ’em.

Images and links from Fly Fishing Consultant, The Drake, and Orvis


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