When In Good Company

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter where you fish or what you catch; good company is good company…

Let them go so they can grow

Over the Summer, the stars aligned. That is, with respect to the rare occasion when lots of your good friends just so happen to be available with little to no planning beforehand. So, what did we do? We fished dammit! One member of the said friend group owns a lovely piece of property along the Hazel river. Its a small river, but this section receives little pressure, is big enough to take a canoe or kayak down, and holds a respectable variety of aquatic species. Also, as I said, its right by my friends. So, you can safely drink… a lot.

The fishing was great, but seeing so many familiar faces at once proved better. To be fare, I get to spend a lot of time with many close friends – more so than most people I think – but when it takes place seemingly out of nowhere its pretty awesome.

Bougie the river guide. That cat’s crazy and sometimes very awesome

Oh yeah, Bougie the black cat joined the trip as well. She took a few unwanted dips as claws don’t catch too well on a plastic kayak, but all in all I think she found the experience rather interesting…

¡Con mis amigos!

“Country roads, take me home…” – Mr. Sunshine-on-my … John Denver!

This guy was the surprise catch of the day. You generally don’t see them this far upstream; at least 30 miles from the tidal fall line.

Surprised, Blue Steel, or Simple Jack? You decide

Joshy with a smallie

Bougie be like, “It’s just a chub, silly human.”

One of our crew looking creepy AF back on the riverbank


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