Carp-e dium

Carp on the fly: pretty popular right now, and for good reason.  These fish are everywhere. You don’t have to make extensive travel plans in order to pursue. Plus, carp get big. Here in America, we love big things.

They put up a good fight too. If your drag doesn’t come into play while landing one of these, you ain’t doing it right. And they provide quite the challenge. Although not as difficult as frantically hunting down the bartender in order to pocket one more round seconds before happy hours ends, I know a number of folks – myself included – who target these bottom feeding bruisers with little success. Damn, that was a long sentence…

Admittedly, I’m not a total carp junky, but they are on my list of fish to catch. A little about this list. Dan Dutton, a Fredericksburg, VA guide for River Rock Outfitters recommended an annual fish list. For me, this list serves two purposes. Not only do I have something to day dream about while trying to look busy at work, but I find I catch – and learn – more about the fish that make it  on my list.

So, have I ever caught a carp? No. Sometimes you have to just keep swimming…


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