Fly Fishing OBX – Flat Out

@cormander with a sweet speck

The morning started similar to most when you’re with a good group of friends who, without question, drink their socks off the night before – half awake, with a headache, and forgetting one or two essential items. I managed to forget all three pairs of sunglasses I packed. Stevie left his water bottle by the car. Off to a good start…

JB and Coors waiting to see what Brian pulls out of the fly box

We pulled up to the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center and found our guide for the day patiently waiting while he chatted with his guide counterpart. After our introductions with Brian, we departed. The combination of fresh air and light mist from the moving boat brought tranquility and excitement simultaneously. We were off to a drift line looking for whatever would chase our flies. We also did a little spin casting on this trip. Four fly rods on a small boat with significant wind gusts could – and with us, most certainly would – get ugly.

On our first stop, we managed a few nice blues and a couple small specks. Bryan, our lovely and always cheerful captain, asked, “You guys feeling lucky?” To which we immediately responded, “Hell yeah!” We were off to shallow water with the hope, not promise, of finding some more friends.

One more time in color for good measure

In 1-3 feet of water we soon anchored and started slamming the specks. We picked up the occasional keeper, and threw most of them back – keeping two for fish tacos. Specks make great fish tacos. More blue fish found their way to the boat. Additionally, we picked up a pin fish or two and a schoolie striper mixed in here or there just for good measure.

#saltlife …

Capt. Brian Horsley, played the role of guide, host, and downright genuine guy very well. He admitted to some folks considering him a curmudgeon from time-to-time. He also admitted that they were probably right…on occasion. However, you get the sense that when you fish with Brian, it’s real. He doesn’t fake it. He doesn’t put on a smile just to please you. If he does smile its because he’s please with your company. He also knows a thing or two about fly fishing, so listen and learn.

Man, what a nice day!

One thing Brian told me in reference to writing, blogging, submitting articles, etc… – You can suck at writing, as long as take good pictures. I’m still working on that, but I’ll get there.

If you’re in the OBX and want to get some salt on your line, contact Brian here or on Facebook, here. Judging from the photos,  the bigger fish seem to be hitting pretty well right now…




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