Searching for Shad – Take 4

At this point it takes serious consideration to produce something shad-related, and not previously mentioned here, here, or here. Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? Here, have a few thousand…and two videos.

One of the interesting things about the shad run is how close you can get to fellow anglers. The fish tend to pile up in specific sections of the river and anglers tend not to mind you getting within a few yards- as long as you stay out of their back cast. In usual fishing conditions, I can’t stand even seeing other humans, let alone fishing next to them, but this is different. Different is good…sometimes

Nothing like a little father-son fishing

Sometimes the big boys come out to play

The channel separated us, but I (hopefully not too creepily) snapped a photo of this father-son fishing combo from upstream. The kid didn’t quite have the cast down so the father would send out some fly line then hand the rod over for this kid to eagerly strip it. I saw them and a couple, like the above picture shows.

This little fishy is a shiner. Or at least that’s what I was told. My shad fly accidently hooked into the side of said shiner while I made the small, quick strips associated with a shad retrieve.

Although you get fewer strikes, using a size 2 Clouser Minnow can entice some rather large shad

Rob looking happy and such

This is Rob. Rob is a good friend of mine and should not be confused with this Rob, as they are different people. Rob loves to fish and hunt. He generally spin casts, so it was nice to get him on the water and after some shad with the fly rod. He – and we, for that matter – didn’t catch too many, but at least a couple decided to chase our flies. I’m glad Rob caught a fish. It lets me know that at least one aspect of my guiding service abilities isn’t completely lacking.


Crystal clear water on this nice, warm Spring day

Other thought: We haven’t received much in the way of rain this Spring. At least, not yet. So, the water level in the Rappahannock is pretty low for this time of year. This means a couple of things. First, the water is clear. You can spot the shad much easier than previous year. They can also spot you, but they don’t really spook that easy. Second, because the water is clear, it helps to downsize in relation to flies. I use a size 8 fly for the  clear water and a thinner tippet.


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