The Confluence 3/12/2016

Bunch of pictures from my pre-season visit to one of the best producing smallie locations on the state. I hear stories and read books about the 20+ inchers that call these waters home. Hopefully, if Graduate school doesn’t take me too far away, I’ll visit it over the summer. I catch myself dreaming of tossing blue poppers to the downed trees, breaks in the currents, and rock ledges; imagining the silhouetted smallies jumping for freedom while the sun sinks low in the sky. Dreams can become reality. In my case, sooner rather than later; Summer’s right around the corner.

Selfie game strong. Beard game strong. #tool

Can’t beat the views at this place. For early March, the weather was perfect.

Nice canoe launch that the Boy Scouts put in. Unless you have fire road access it’s a long walk to this put in location.

Nice to know I won’t have to dodge any “legal” bullets while wading

Lovely shot of the Behemoth and TFO Axiom.

Benches and fire pit right at the base of the confluence. Supposedly, it gets its fair share of use. So a mid-week trip might be better than attempting a weekend trip


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