Grip and Kill

Came across this article recently while skimming a fly fishing related Facebook group. Not sure how many people have read it, but it sounds right, and as John Gierach likes to point out in his book, Sex, Death, and Fly Fishingsometimes sounding right is all you need. I’m currently reading Mr. Gierach’s book. My brother gave it to me as a holiday gift. I will say, the guy writes well, with wit and sarcasm. Pick up a copy if you need an entertaining read. His other books, articles, etc…received excellent reviews too.

Trout Anatomy

Pay attention to where you hold. As some of you may already know, the heart is important. -Picture from article (citation)








Yeah, back the the topic. You always hear about safe catch-and-release techniques, but it is cool to read up on how to actually hold these babies (fish). I probably can’t say anything here that the article doesn’t cover. So, read up! Comment sections are great places to voice questions or list corrections. Be sure to check those out whenever possible. Yes, sometimes – probably more often than not – they turn into non-sense debates, name calling, and hate speech. Yet, you never know, you could learn something. Learning’s good.


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