Dallas 07/10-13/2015

About a year ago a very close friend of mine left Virginia for pastures anew in Dallas, Texas.  His girlfriend took a position with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and he felt inclined to join her in moving out there. Ever since then I figured I stumbled upon a nice excuse to head out West. Having never travelled to this part of the great U.S. of A. I thought why not, and began planning for the vacation with another close friend. In fact the three of us roomed together freshman year of college. Therefore, we know each other well and get along better than most.

Stretchin’ session in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport.

I took off work Friday and Monday in order to get the most out of our weekend trip. My buddy teaches 8th grade and therefore took the summer off. This worked out well because it allowed us some leniency as to when we could leave and return. My job is quite flexible. So, taking off a couple of days was not an issue. Thursday night I went out on the town with my lady-thang. We drank, stayed out too late, and eat unhealthy meals I’m sure. Although, I must say, I cannot remember for certain. This may be due to the excessive amount of alcohol or simply not remembering because of past time. Either way, I felt pretty bad the following morning.

Our flight left Dulles International Airport around 2 PM, but my travel companion wanted to make sure we arrived early. Better early than late I suppose. Therefore, we left Fredericksburg around 10 AM. It took a little over an hour to arrive at the airport and therefore, we had plenty of time to eat, sleep, and wait for our flight. The hangover remained quite strong. By some grace of chance, I ended up in first class and managed a number of drinks and snacks. Even better, the seat next to mine was unoccupied. This allowed me plenty of room to put my feet up. I hope the flight attendant took no offense to my lack of good posture and lower extremity resting on the empty seat adjacent to mine. My head hurt so bad, I wouldn’t have noticed or sadly, cared much, if she did.

After arriving in Dallas we waited for a short period of time at the airport before Joshy (our friend) taxied us to his place about 20 minutes away. I stretched in the airport which was something I refrained from while on the plane (even severally hung-over individuals know their limits). Upon arrival to his Spanish villa style apartment, we cracked open a few cold ones and began discussing the plans for the weekend. The CONCACAF Gold Cup match between The U.S. and Haiti took place that evening and we continued our discussion of the weekend’s events over rounds of local craft beers, pizza, and wings at San Francisco Rose. The Rose is a bar located within walking distance of Joshy’s. We figured it better to leave the vehicle out of the equation.

We started off the following morning with headaches, a large amount of coconut water, and some pickup soccer at a park a few short blocks from Josh’s place. Here we received our first taste of the dry Texas heat. Within 10 minutes my nose started bleeding from the lack of moisture in the air. We all sadly, still possessed the head pains generally associated with the morning after too many drinks. In addition, the temp gauge read 98 degrees by 10 AM. I will say one thing in favor of this Texas heat. Once you find shade, the temperature drops significantly. Like, over a 10 degrees difference.

After we struggled through a couple hours of kicking the old pig skin around, we journeyed to a friend’s house for some poolside R&R. It didn’t take long for us to pop the top of a few PBRs, which in some circles is considered America’s great achievement. Not the Ford Focus, or William Taft’s presidency, but a beer brewed in the heartland of the USA where honesty, hard work, and brew-for-brains gets you…I’ll let you finished the sentence.

Saturday night we really raged by watching True Detective, consuming Dark’n’stormies, and telling scary stories to each other. YODO! Sunday, we hit up a rock climbing gym in order to take my bouldering v-card. We enjoyed it. For an individual who heavily drank for the last 4 nights of his life, I performed much better than expected. Interesting thing about climbing, I never knew my forearms and fingers could get so tired so quickly. Glad I did it and looking forward to trying it out again soon. Hopefully when my limbs shake a little less and my brain works with more efficiency.

We hit up Joshy’s sister’s house for dinner. They grilled out some great marinated steaks we purchased from a strictly Spanish speaking market. Additionally, we tossed a few vegies and created sight pleasing fajitas. Of course, I ate too much, drank to much and crushed it playing corn hole. We enjoyed the unusually nice evening outside on the deck. I didn’t notice at the time, but the mosquitoes really took a liking to the flesh around my ankles and left about 10 bite marks on each leg. Needless to say, they itched for the next few days.

Monday morning, the last day of out trip to Dallas. He made our way to Downtown Dallas in order to pay a visit to the President John F. Kennedy assassination site. This was a pretty cool experience. We walked around, received an earful from conspiracy theorists and tried to enter the The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. Unfortunately, the doors opened at noon. The current time read 10 AM. So, we walked around a little looking at other tall buildings commonly associated with most cities and found a nice breakfast café to grab some much needed nutrition. I ordered Texas style chili with an over-easy egg on top and a glass of OJ. Honestly, it was delicious. I highly recommend this place. Sadly, I don’t recall the name. Good luck finding it.

-Historical Stuff. I think this is one of the first frontier cabins built outside of Dallas. Someone moved it from it’s original location into the heart of the city. You know, so everyone could remember history.

We journeyed back over to the museum, and stood in an already massive line waiting to enter the building. The museum was interesting, with headphones covering everyone’s ears, video footage of the big day, pictures to view, and lots of paragraphs to read. We stood pretty close to Oswald’s location which was glassed off for preservation purposes, but the best view came from the 7th floor. Due to the trees growing a little taller over the past half a decade the view from the 6th floor is partially blocked. In order to get a great view of the scene the 7th floor really helps. I thought it interesting, that some of the people (who were now the conspiracy theorists outside) actually saw the shooting take place, first hand. How cool is that? Think, in a few short years, those people will be dead and gone. Then how will history present the assassination. Will the story change? How will be know? We have text and video recordings for sure, but do things like this get a fresh coat of paint when first hand accounts no longer exist? At this point, I’m probably thinking a little too much…

-We saw Leighton Baines!

The airport followed and we landed back in Virginia late Monday night. I enjoyed the trip. Doubt I’ll return there any time soon, because other than Josh, nothing really stood out about that place. Too many other cool places to visit as well. Also, I ended my 10 day burger eating streak while on this trip. No doubt in my mind, this is a good streak to end. My cholesterol will thank me later I’m sure of it. Velvet Taco took first place in the best place we ate category for the trip and Dark ‘N’ Stormy took first in the best drink category. YODO!

-Marketing at it’s finest!


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