Journal? Why?

The desire became prevalent a little over one year ago, in February or March of 2013.  At that time I spent almost every weekend doing something that I either found to be exciting, interesting, or at least new.  I went on a lot of first time fishing trips, backpacked with a good friend around Germany for two weeks, went horseback riding (digression – I know, riding a horse is not that cool, but I have a strong respect/borderline fear for animals that can easily kill me and therefore, I found horseback riding to be quite entertaining), and… did a lot of other things I struggle to recall.  The idea to write my experiences down comes and goes. Yet, something always gets in the way of beginning the process.

However, something changed recently. While sitting in my Developmental Psychology class discussing goals we would like to accomplish within the next year one student nervously put forth their opinion. I honestly forget what they said, but it jogged my memory. I need to journal.  I’m sure health benefits exist to support this endeavor and why not write down what I do? It’s a great way to preserve the good memories.  Hell, maybe I’ll even become a better writer. That certainly wouldn’t hurt a thing.

Okay, where were we.  Yes, journaling, or writing, or blogging, or whatever you want to call it. It shall be one of my goals and I shall begin now.  I hope to write all about the experiences I have and maybe some other person will one day read them and find something, either on or between the lines, that gives them something.  Some kind of feeling.  A good feeling I hope, but a feeling none the less.  I hope my writing educates and creates happiness to whoever reads it. Maybe, this will become a fishing journal, or an outdoor journal.  I lack certainty with respect to that. It will however, be a journal. That excites me!



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