The Real 411

Who is The James River Mermaid? It is you, me, and no living creature on this planet, all at the same time. The mermaid is present in all of us – that is, all of us who fish – but it is none of us. Using us as a vessel to express it’s euphoria while taking part in the finest experiences mother nature offers fuels it. Simultaneously, the mermaid is your sensation-less, frost-covered fingers on a cold, 8+ hour, skunked trip. It vicariously lives through us whenever we pick up a fly rod. The mermaid is life. The mermaid is fly fishing…

What’s up? My name is Bram. I fly fish.

After a couple years of on-and-off blogging, I’ve noticed something. I mainly write about fly fishing. Of course other topics occasionally pop up, but overall I tend to document the rod-in-hand experiences. So, this being The Real 411, I felt the need to clarify: This is a bona fide fly fishing blog, dammit!

You may see some hashtags (#) throughout the posts. Feel free to follow me @bramsims or any of my friends, #mermaids, on Instagram or other social media platforms.

Drop a line with comments, concerns, recommendations, or suggestions.

Read up, amigos!