Eulogy to a Subaru

The Trunk Diaries were just beginning. They were the start of something beautiful with real potential. We were well on our way to finding new fishing spots in a wild and new world. We targeted new species. We felt young again, like a new romance. Like the first warmth of Spring. And just like that, nature reared its cruel, careless head and did what it does best.

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No. Not a Haiku. Not a high anus. Not a… It’s a break.

Slacking on posts lately due to lots of travel, lots of work, lots of school, and little-to-no studying. That last part needs to change over the next two months.

Therefore, just putting it out there.

We’re taking a break.

It’s not you. It’s me. Really.

I don’t have the time – or, let me put it this way. I haven’t made the time and ain’t gonna any time soon.

Till the Summer, stay warm and fish. Fish, a lot.

WEEKLY PRESS – The Best Way to Write… Is Just to Write | Five Writing Tips and Tricks

This time around on the Weekly Press: Five Writing Tips and Tricks

Favorite line from the post: “Just fill the page… I don’t care if it’s garbage or not.”

Head over to Jess McGlothlin Media for the full post that shares five tips and tricks about writing, travel writing, and how to just sit down and write.

Source: The Best Way to Write… Is Just to Write | Five Writing Tips and Tricks

Metal & MERMAID CINEMA: Striper On The Rapp

Mermaid Cinema presents, Striper on the Rapp

With a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from an arguably, slightly above average liberal arts institution. With squeaking by on a low B in one forecasting class during the time at that institution. With a father who possesses a graduate level degree in meteorology. With no real-world experience in predicting future event whatsoever. The combination of these skills make it easy to say with confidence that 2019 will forever be remembered as the year that fly fishing went metal.

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Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing Podcast Interview with Kayla Lockhart

Instagram is cool. You can learn a lot from it – and, no doubt, you can waste a lot of time on it. There is little arguing that it has made some people far more famous than they possible would have been otherwise. This holds true in the fly fishing corners of that app as well. Is that a good thing, or is it bad? Not sure. Maybe, it’s just what it is.

Here is an interview that I stumbled upon while scrolling through the gram recently:

If you want to hear it in entirety, do so here or on any podcast listening platform. Kayla Lockhart is a name in the fly fishing social media realms and I thought it worth sharing. Although, I will admit, not a ton on fly fishing throughout the interview. Still, you should check it out. It’s always interesting when you hear someone speak in depth for the first time. Makes you wonder how you would hold up in a similar circumstance.

If you want to hear more interviews from Remote. No Pressure. check ’em out here. Jeff’s voice reminds me a lot of Elliott Adler from the DrakeCast, which, I like.

Fly Fishing podcast about the philosophy of fly fishing

Source: News – Remote. No Pressure.

WEEKLY PRESS – Plastic-Free Camping in Everglades National Park: Part 2…Groceries – Emerger Strategies

This time around on the Mermaid Weekly Press: Plastic-Free Camping in the Everglades from Emerger Strategies

Do I litter? No. Do I care about the sea turtles? Yes. Am I a radical environmentalist? “Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe fuck yourself”

Enjoyed reading this one, which was posted on TFM. I took the time to read all three blog posts for Plastic-Free Camping in the Everglades. My favorite? Part 2. Why? Unlike camping and fishing, we grocery shop all the time –  I know, it’s a sick sad world we live in… It’s something you can put into rotation immediately and I hope you do.

Check it out and see if you can implement a good change related to your weekly grocery habits.

Source: Plastic-Free Camping in Everglades National Park: Part 2…Groceries – Emerger Strategies

THE WEEKLY PRESS: What is Social Impact?

This time around on the Mermaid Weekly Press: Social Impact

“Social impact is jargon – broad, vague, and somewhat inaccessible by definition. So what does it really mean? Technically, social impact is how organizations’ actions affect the surrounding community. In the Stanford context, I’d posit that organizations are students and our actions are how we are applying the skills we’re building to affect our surroundings.” – Stanford Lady

I read the above quote the other day while choosing not to perform certain academic assignments. Don’t ask me how I got so far down this rabbit hole to look at an article dating back to 2013, because I don’t know how it happened. I thought it interesting though. What companies and/or organizations make a positive social impact for their surrounding communities? Orvis seems like they do a lot of good with their 5% for Nature. If you’re not 1% for the planet, then I probably should’t support you, even though I don’t track this as closely as I should. Is The James River Mermaid creating a positive social impact? Probably not. I don’t think a large enough audience exists here, but education, environmental sustainability, and encouragement to do what’s right on and off the water surely have found there way in to one or two posts… Continue reading